Problems faced by journalism in Pakistan

Problems Faced by Journalists in Pakistan

Journalism is a department which has a power to bring up a truth and make people well inform and well aware of what is happening around their society and surroundings. But on the other hand journalists are facing many problems not only in Pakistan but in-fact all around the world. As we look at the history we will come to know that journalism was facing many problems at the time of partition of Pakistan and India. Like many of the journalists were killed brutally while performing their duties. There were also many other problems that they were facing but they performed their job perfectly because their duty was to make people well aware about their surroundings. Now further we will discuss about the problems faced by journalism now a days in Pakistan.

1: Security problem for journalists:
Security problem is one of the major problems faced by the journalists in Pakistan and all-around the world. It shows that working as a journalist is more dangerous than doing any other job in any country. If we look at on past surveys we will come to know that Pakistan has declared one of the most dangerous countries for journalist in the world and it ranked on third number for last three years. Many journalists were killed, tortured, harassed and abducted for letting people know about the truth and many of them are threatened too. It is the duty of government of Pakistan to provide a security for journalists but instead of providing them security they are letting them die. Due to lack of security many journalists were killed which is a big loose for world of journalism in Pakistan:
2: Financial problem for journalists due to low salaries:
Financial Problem is second major problem of journalism in Pakistan. Journalists in Pakistan are working on low salary packages which decrease their motivation for their work. Due to low Salary Packages most of good journalists start looking for other jobs to stabilize their financial crises. Most of the journalists working on commission and contract basis due to which they were not able to manage their daily expenses which was a worth mentioning problem. If government and private sector of journalism increase the salary package of the journalists then they will work more effectively and efficiently

3: Lack of Government Support:

Government support is very important but in Pakistan Government do not support journalist. In Pakistan most of the time government only support news that represents their good works and what they want to let people know and they don’t appreciate the news about their faults. Most of time government tries to depress the journalists to keep the people away from the truth. For example, in bomb blasts journalists are not provided with the exact figure of causality which is a negative impact on journalism. Moreover government supports government news channels and newspapers. If journalists get a support from the government then they will have a much more freedom as compare to the present situation they are going through.

4: Unawareness of advance Technology:
In Pakistan, there is lack of advance printing technology as well as machinery. Most of the time news paper printing firms import machinery from foreign countries that increases the cost of printing. Parallel to this, there is lack of printing paper production in our country. Paper cost is very high that make firms earn very low revenue from printing newspapers.
All the above mentioned issues are the major cause of declining attitude of journalism in Pakistan. It is alarming for the well educated nation that it is not getting the right news at the right time or may be getting the news but at high cost. We must solve these problems to make our journalism reliable as well as cheaper so a lay man can also get to the reality. Just making laws to protect journalism is not sufficient.


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