Annual Play of Forman Christian College University

Forman Christian College Dramatic Society Organized a Play on 10th April 2013 at Sinclair Hall. Title of play was Kahin Dair na Hojae and it was directed by Noreen Khokhar and Dr. Ateeq Anwar as well and Dr. Ateeq Anwar was also the writer of the play. Theme of the play was voice against corruption and taking bribery. Purpose of play was to make students aware of all the consequences after doing corruption. Many Students and Faculty members watched the play and they all appreciated the acting and characters of the play.


Forman Christian College University Photography Exhibition

Journalism Society of FCC University Organized a Photography exhibition with the collaboration of Nikon company  on 24th May 2013  at FCCU Armaost Building (S Block). This Event was Inaugurated by Rector of FCCU (DR. Tebbe), Nasir Syed (CEO of Nikon Company) and DR. Abdul Hannan (Head of Mass Com, Department of FCCU). Dr. Agah Rizwan Ahmed (Famous Photographer) was the key person who organized this event in FCCU. This event was fully sponsored by Nikon Company and they encouraged the young photographers for their good work. Many students FCCU visited event and they also encouraged young photographers for their work too.